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Once again hearty bite into an apple or enjoy nut chocolate without any worries – if you have wished for this many times, our 4DENS. system is just right for you. With the 4DENS. system, you get firm teeth again in just one day. This concept is particularly suitable for people with a toothless jaw or non-preservation-worthy teeth. They come to our clinic in the morning and leave us in the evening with firm teeth and a beaming smile. With only four implants, the natural function of the teeth can be restored to aesthetic perfection. The implantation is carried out by our experienced specialist dentist for oral surgery and is completely pain- and fear-free for you.

The benefits of 4Dens. in overview.

  • On the day of the operation, you go home with firm teeth, with which you can immediately bite heartily again

  • Reduced duration of treatment
  • Suitable for almost all patients

  • Often no bone transplantation necessary
  • Unlike the full prosthesis, the palate remains free
  • You can
    laugh again carefree
    and enjoy all the benefits of firm teeth
  • Your new teeth are attached to only four implants – therefore by about 30 lower costs

The angulation (alignment) of the outer implants ensures an optimal load distribution and ideal utilization of the existing bone, so that an immediate load is possible and usually a long bone build can be dispensed with.

The 4DENS. - System. Fixed teeth in one day.

The 4DENS. - System.

Only four implants per jaw ensure a firm fit and a stable anchorage of your new teeth.

Course of treatment.

1. Planning & Consulting.

The first step is a thorough investigation and detailed consultation. As a rule, one to two sessions before implantation are sufficient to plan the treatment and select the shape, color and aesthetics of the teeth.

2. Putting the implants.

They come to our clinic in the morning and leave us in the evening with firm teeth. On the day of implantation, a therapeutic denture is incorporated, with which you can bite again firmly and smile carelessly. The implants are put completely fearless and painless, either in twilight sleep or anesthesia.

3. Healing phase.

The healing of the implants takes about 3 months. During this time, you can already put a lot of strain on your new teeth and enjoy the benefits of firm teeth.

4. Your new teeth.

Enjoy your light-hearted laughter and a firm bite. For an absolutely perfect end result, the preliminary theapeuthic dentures are replaced by your definitive teeth after the healing phase. The final supply is indistinguishable from natural teeth in function and aesthetics. You will love it. Our experienced staff and a prophylaxis program tailored to the 4DENS system will help you care for your new teeth.

If you too dream of firm teeth and a natural radiant smile, please contact us or use our contact form in advance. We are happy to advise you.

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