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Transparent aligners for straight teeth.

Do you dream of beautiful and straight teeth? However, wires and brackets are out of the question for you? Then we have good news for you. With inconspicuous and removable aligners, we can correct mild to moderate tooth misalignments.

Patients of all ages use the therapeutic options offered by aesthetic orthodontics using transparent aligners. With these inconspicuous splints, misalignments of the teeth and other cosmetic corrections of the dental arch can be eliminated or made. In this way, you can integrate orthodontic therapy almost invisibly into your everyday life.

These wafer-thin splints made of transparent plastic are easy to care for and are characterized by their high level of comfort. You only take them out for eating and brushing your teeth. They enable you to speak freely without third parties noticing the splint. After a short treatment period, the aesthetic and therapeutic correction is already achieved.

Overview of the benefits.


  • Invisible tooth correction with transparent splints.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear thanks to individual custom fit.
  • Minimally invasive aesthetic orthodontics without fixed braces.
  • The result of the therapy and the wearing time are predictable due to the precise pre-therapeutic diagnosis.
  • Many malocclusions can be treated without others noticing the treatment.
  • Unlike removable orthodontic appliances, the removable, transparent splints do not increase the risk of caries.
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Transparent rails.

The invisible tooth correction for a beautiful smile.

This is how it works

We take an impression of your teeth and give you detailed advice. By producing dental models and analyzing your individual dental situation, we create a treatment plan that is tailored to you. Together we will discuss the duration of the therapy and the likely result of the therapy.

Make a non-binding consultation appointment with us to get a little closer to your straight teeth.

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