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Dentist anxiety.

One in three people is afraid of the dentist, so-called anxiety patients. Although modern dentistry and oral surgery offers gentle and painless treatment options, many people have a queasy feeling at the thought of the dentist.

Maybe you once had a bad experience in treatment or you just feel fear of the unknown. Wherever your anxiety may come from, you can feel good and sleep your treatments.

At the Dental clinic Bunde, we specialize in the treatment of anxiety patients. A trained team takes time for you, accompanies you with confidence throughout the entire treatment and discusses your fears and concerns with you.

If you are happy to mention that you are suffering from dental anxiety, we can fully adapt to you.


In our clinic we offer anxiety patients the possibility to have all treatments performed in twilight sleep, also called sedation. From prophylaxis to caries therapies to surgical procedures, you can sleep your treatment with us.

In addition to the local anaesthetic, our experienced specialist dentist for oral surgery puts you in a twilight sleep. This way you can maintain your dental health completely fearless and painless.


For patients with extreme anxiety or for major surgical procedures, we offer the possibility to have the treatment carried out under general anesthesia.

The anaesthesia is performed by an experienced specialist in anesthesia and can be performed in our clinic. In our bright and friendly equipped patient room you can relax after the anaesthetic.

If you are afraid of the dentist and the treatment, please contact us. We discuss with you all possibilities of anxiety- and stress-free treatment and together find a way to a relaxed visit to our clinic. You are also welcome to get in touch with us using our contact form .

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