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Aesthetic dentures in just one day.

You as our patient and the quality of your treatment are our top priorities. That’s why we have further improved the comfort and performance of the Bunde dental clinic for you and expanded our range to include the CEREC 3D process.

Using the CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) process, it is now possible to produce high-quality fully ceramic dentures individually in just one session and to use them directly. Another advantage of this method is that this method can be used to care for both natural teeth and dental implants.

In practice, that means you only have to make one appointment for your new denture. Your new denture is milled, refined and used during treatment using the so-called CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing) method. The additional use of an intraoral scanner captures your dental situation with the help of a laser. This eliminates the need for conventional imprints in most cases, which not only saves you a lot of time, but also reduces the stress of treatment to a minimum.

Overview of the benefits.


  • Aesthetic and all-ceramic dentures in just one session .
  • No more annoying provisories.
  • All-ceramic is 100% biocompatible . No risk of allergic reactions.
  • Scanning in the mouth in most cases replaces the conventional imprint.
  • Ceramic crowns, bridges and inlays based entirely on nature .
  • The durable high-performance materials ensure a powerful and secure bite .
  • Significant time savings and minimal treatment stress .
The 4DENS. - System. Fixed teeth in one day.

cerec 3d.

In just one session, from digital imprint to custom-made crown of first-class ceramics.

Course of treatment.

1. Preparation.

Your natural teeth or already set implants are prepared for the insertion of your new dentures. This is done, for example, by the plastic structure and the loading of the teeth in case of major defects or the insertion of scanning aids on the corresponding dental implants.

2. Print with scanner.

With the help of an intraoral scanner, your individual situation in the mouth can now be recorded and presented digitally. The scanner dispenses with conventional printing materials such as liquid silicones or polyether in a spoon.

3. construction.

By collecting the digital data, jetz can be designed with the help of a computer to design its fully ceramic restoration and customize it to your bite situation.

4. Manufacturing.

The CAD/CAM cutter then manufactures your dentures in the shortest possible time. In addition, further finishing measures, such as the burning of the ceramics, can be implemented immediately in a designated oven. Of course, only high-quality materials are used in the production process.

5. The restoration began.

Finally, the ceramics are inserted into the defect using high-performance composites or the crowns are screwed onto the implants. Enjoy your little piece of restored quality of life on the same day of treatment

If you have any questions you may have to do with questions on this topic, the team of the Dental Clinic Bunde will of course be available to you at any time.

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