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Dental clinic Bunde.

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In addition to dental implants and oral surgery, we offer our patients the entire spectrum of modern dentistry from a single source. Our services range from caries therapy to root canal treatments, as well as prosthetic dental care to cosmetic dentistry with veneers.

Quality and patient satisfaction is our top priority. A therapy concept that is specially designed for you is just as natural for us as a treatment taking into account the most modern procedures.


In addition to excellent aesthetics and impeccable function, dental prostheses also take into account a variety of different therapeutic alternatives. Only a detailed diagnosis and education can guarantee a long-term success of the treatment. After all, dentists are also a matter of trust.

Of course, any dentures, whether fully ceramic crowns or removable telescopic prostheses, are manufactured in a certified German master laboratory. This enables us to offer you the best quality and a direct contact.


Periodontology deals with the diseases of the tooth-holding apparatus and their consequences. Unfortunately, periodontitis is one of the most common causes of tooth loss and is associated with some internal diseases. The colonization of pathogenic germs in the area of the gum pockets leads to inflammation of the hard and soft tissues with the resulting loosening of the teeth as well as the degradation of the jawbone.

In addition to classical maintenance therapy, we also offer you the complete range of plastic and reconstructive periodontal surgery. In addition to the targeted bone structure of periodontal pockets, it also includes the coverage of exposed tooth necks.


Preserving dentistry deals with the prophylaxis, the treatment of carious dental hard substances and the therapy of inflamed tooth nerves in order to preserve your teeth in the long term. The use of modern filling materials (composite) results in long-lasting and aesthetic results. Through these high-performance plastics, even larger defects can be reconstructed in the sense of the natural model. State-of-the-art techniques such as electrometric length determination and full-rotating nickel-titanium files are also used in the treatment of root canals. The success of root canal treatment includes the complete removal of infected tissue and sufficiency in filling of the canal system.

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